Reporting Misconduct for USSF

Referees' Misconduct Reports must be professional and concise, and  yet complete. Supplemental reports should be filed when necessary to provide a complete description of an incident.

1. The misconduct report should include:
the teams (the full and correct names of the competing teams)
the venue and date of the match
   c. the competition (league, tournament, etc.)
   d. the player's name, jersey number, registration card, team
   e. reason for report (i.e., specific Law 12 reason)
   f. action taken
   g. the incident (i.e., description of what actually happened stating only the facts, with no opinions, and no recommendations)

2. The incident (G) must be:
   a. as you saw it (there is no substitute for the facts)
   b. brief, but containing enough evidence and information to enable a disciplinary committee to understand what happened. This description would include the reaction, if any, of the player(s) and others. 

3. Make certain that your assistant referees have all the above details before leaving the field.

4  Remember that each incident meriting a report must have a separate report; e.g., two players who are sent off means two separate reports.

5. Present your report in the most legible manner.  If your handwriting is difficult for others to read, then print it or type it if at all possible.

6. Check your spelling.  Almost every important word is in the current FIFA Laws of the Game or can be located on the FIFA web page (

7 . The report is filed within forty-eight (48) hours.  Make certain you have your name on it. (Your address and phone numbers  should be on a separate cover page.) Remember to retain a copy of the report for future reference.

8. If the report contains the actual offensive, insulting or abusive language that was used and is being reported, then you should notify the addressee with a precautionary warning on the cover letter.

9. The report is sent to:
General Cases of Misconduct Local League Local Soccer Association A rea (or District) Referee Administrator
   b. Referee Assault & Referee Abuse
1. League Play: State Presidents or their designee Local League State Referee Administrator (SRA) The relevant police department (if charges are filed)
   2. Tournaments/Special Events: Tournament Director/Cup Coordinator (on day of incident) Player's home state president Your home state SRA (within 10 days) The relevant police department (if charges are filed).