Game Control

Game Control
By Rebecca Konecny

Be polite yet confident when speaking to coaches, players, parents and your fellow referees.  Showing respect to others will earn you respect.

Look the part
Don't show up looking unprofessional!  Be in uniform or BASRU apparel.  When fully attired in pre-game, be in full proper uniform; socks pulled up, shirt tucked in, etc.

Don't be afraid to do your job!
Blow that whistle!  Be decisive when making calls.  Look to your other official(s) for help.  If you are an assistant, assist!  Know the rules and know your job!

Yellow & Red cards
Your cards are tools, part of your equipment.  It is O.K. to use them when the foul warrants.  Show the card, make a note of the players name and # and notify the coaches of the infringement and restart.  Never be afraid to card a player when it warrants…you cannot be wrong!

Your allies…
When you are the center official, give good pre-game instructions to your assistants.  When an assistant, listen closely to your center officials instructions and ask questions.  When the team works together, the game will run more smoothly and you will all make each other look great!