Article 1: Name

This organization shall be known as the Bay Area Soccer Referee Unit (hereinafter referred to as the "Unit" ) and shall be affiliated with the State Referee Committee under the jurisdiction of the Wisconsin Soccer Association (WSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and a recognized official's organization of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). The official colors of the unit shall be black and white.

Article 2: Purpose

Section 1: To enforce the laws of the game in and efficient and unbiased manner during all matches at which members of the unit officiate.

Section 2: To promote and protect the game of soccer through efficient and unbiased officiating.

Section 3: To function as an official organization in affiliation with the State Referee Committee under the jurisdiction of the Wisconsin Soccer Association.

Section 4: To promote uniform interpretations, application and administration of the rules as well as develop in each member a sense of pride in one's appearance, knowledge and enforcement of the rules of soccer.

Section 5: To establish and maintain working relationships with institutions, agencies, conferences, and associations in order to promote the game of soccer.

Article 3: Membership

Section 1: Membership of the unit shall be composed of referees registered by the USSF and/or registered by the WIAA wishing to officiate in USSF, WSA and/or WIAA sanctioned games.

Section 2: Members of the unit shall be subject to the orders, rulings and decisions of the unit, WSA, USSF, and the WIAA.

Section 3: A unit member may be a member, manager and/or coach of a WSA affiliated soccer club team or a WIAA member school unless such membership impairs the individual\rquote s performance as a soccer official or unit member or unless sanction for this section is removed by the WIAA or the WSA.

Section 4: To qualify for admission to the unit, candidates must successfully complete the requirements for registration as a referee set by the USSF and/or the WIAA. An instructor shall be present when applicants are examined for USSF registration. An in structor will inform the unit\rquote s secretary of all new registrations.

Section 5: Any member who withdraws from the un it without written notice and permission from the membership of the unit may be reinstated only by a two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting. Failure to pay annual dues shall constitute withdrawal of membership without notice.

Article 4: Annual Dues

Annual unit dues shall be payable prior to the annual meeting of the unit, exclusive of WSA, USSF, and/or WIAA fees, according to the schedule approved by the majority of the membership present at the annual meeting. Eligibility to vote at the ann ual meeting will be extended only to members who have paid their annual dues. #

Article 5: Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1: Except for changes necessitated by new policies or rules adopted by the State Referee Committee, the WSA, the WIAA or the USSF, this constitution may be amended only at the annual meeting of the unit.

Section 2: An amendment to this constitution shall be made only if supported by two-thirds of the members in good standing present and voting at the annual meeting of the unit.

Article 6: Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the unit shall be held in November or as soon thereafter as is practicable at which time the officers of the unit shall be elected and amendments to this constitution shall be considered.

Article 7: Officers

Section 1*: The officers of the unit shall be a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Section 2: the officers of the unit shall be elected by a secret ballot at the annual meeting.

Section 3: The term of office for all officers of the unit shall be for the period between annual meetings. Officers shall be eligible for reelection.

Section 4: Meetings of the may be called at any time by the president if petitioned by a majority of the members of the unit.

Section 5: The president of the unit shall preside at all meetings, examine and approve or reject all bills and invoices against the unit, appoint committees and representatives of the unit to other bodies, and submit report s on the operations of the unit.

Section 6: The vice president shall assume the duties of the president during his absence.

Section 7A*: The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, attend to all correspondence, and keep the record of the unit, and maintain a complete and current list of unit members.

Section 7B*: The treasurer shall collect all dues, have charge of all property of the unit, keep a detailed account of all unit income and expenditures, and pay all bills against the unit approved by the president.

Article 8: Executive Committee #

Unit plans and objectives shall be coordinated by an executive committee consisting of the officers of the unit and others appointed as needed by the majority of the membership at any meeting of the unit. #

* These sections reflect the amendment approved at the 1999 annual meeting where the secretary/treasurer position was split from one into to two separate positions. The duties for each position remain unchanged from the original constitution.

# These sections reflect the changes voted on at the annual meeting in November of 2000. The following line of Article 4 is hereby deleted -- "Unit dues are waived for individuals under the age of nineteen." Article 8 is newly added.