WIAA: Rules Changes and State Adaptations

2003-04 Soccer Rule Changes

4-1-1 (a) - Add "....and are worn with the bottom edge no higher than 2 inches above the ankle."

4-1-1a - Add "....manufacturer's logo/trademark appearing on both sides of a stocking are legal."

12-3-2 - Delete Article 2, "....A player shall not place a hand(s) on an opponent in an effort to reach the ball."

12-8-1(f) - NEW  - Simulating a foul.

12-8-4 - NEW - Coach responsibility: a. The coach may be cautioned or disqualified either for team misconduct or for bench misconduct that cannot be attirubted to a specific individual. b. A coach who is disqualified shall leave the vicinity of the playing area immediately and is prohibited from any contact, direct or indirect, with the team during the remainder of the game. Failure to comply shall result in termination of the game.

Wisconsin Adaptations

1. Schools must use a single referee and two WIAA licensed assistant referees for all varsity duals (conference and nonconference).

2. Regular season varsity contests ending in a tie: When the score is tied at the end of regulation time, the referee will instruct both teams to return to their respective team boxes. There will be five minutes during which both teams may confer with their coaches and the head referee will instruct both teams as to proper procedure.

 (1) There shall be a maximum of two 10-minute overtime periods. (Note: Sudden victory):

 (a) A coin toss shall be held as in Rule 5-2-2(e) (2).

 (b) At the end of the first 10-minute overtime period, teams shall change ends.

3. Overtime shall not be played at the JV and freshmen level. Penalty kicks could be used to determine which team would advance in a tournament bracket.

4. Yellow cards received during regular season or tournament competition must be counted. Once a player has accumulated five yellow cards, they are suspended for the next game. Once the player accumulates three additional yellow cards, they are suspended for the next two games, three more, they are suspended three games, etc. These are minimum penalties. All yellow cards must be reported to the appropriate head coach.

 Note: Schools will be asked to certify that their team is eligible for the WIAA tournament series. Any team whose players and coaches, during the regular season, collectively receive a total of 24 or more yellow cards (including all second yellow/red cards) will be prohibited from participating in the WIAA State Tournament series. Any yellow cards received by the coach will count toward the 24 card total.

5. If a player receives a red card or a second yellow card resulting in disqualification, that individual is suspended for thee next scheduled game. These are minimum penalties. All red cards must be reported to the appropriate head coach and to the WIAA.

6. Soft and yielding caps may be worn during inclement weather (Rule 4-2-1f).

7. In the event a game must be suspended because conditions make it impossible to continue before one complete half has been played, the game will continue from that point unless both coaches agree to let the recorded score stand. If at least one half of the game has been completed, the game is an official game.

8. Following the completion of the first half, anytime the score differential reaches ten or more goals, the coaches may mutually agree to end the game.

9. Schools shall provide a scorer and score table for all varsity contests.