WIAA: Red Card and Ejection Reporting

Reporting an Ejection
The ejection of a player, coach, or fan of any WIAA member school must be reported on the Officials Report Form within 48 hours of the incident. This applies to any ejection at any level -- varsity, JV, sophomore, or freshmen.

Player Ejection
1. Within the rules of the sport, announce the ejection by making eye contact with the ejected player. Do not make physical contact with the individual. Eye contact can be made from a distance of twenty feet, but should not require an official to be closer than six to ten feet from the athlete.

2. Request the athlete to go immediately to the bench and to the head coach.

3. One contest official will go to the sidelines, make eye contact with the head coach and announce that the athlete has been ejected from this contest and state the reason. Use the athlete's number, position, etc. to clearly identify him/her.

4. Unless athlete creates a disturbance, he/she may remain on the bench.  Athletes should not be left unsupervised at any time.

5. It is vital that the coach knows the reason for which the athlete has been ejected. This year any athlete ejected for flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct is required to miss their next event. Communication is vital.

6. Official must fill out an Officials Report and forward it to the WIAA within 48 hours. Officials are not required to contact the schoolÕs athletic director to advise the administration of the ejection. The WIAA will forward a copy of the Officials Report Form to the appropriate school personnel upon receipt of the report from the official.

Coach Ejection
1. The ejection of a coach requires that the official approach the coach, announce the ejection to the coach and request that the coach leave the competition area. In addition, the official must ask which coach or school representative will function as the head coach in the ejected coaches absence. The school representative cannot be a parent from the stands, unless that parent is an employee of that school district. It is not the responsibility of the official to go through a drawn out procedure to verify the status of the replacement.

2. The ejected coach shall leave the competition area and go to the locker room (indoor sports) or the bus or other area away from the field of play (outdoor sports) before the contest shall continue. An ejected coach may not sit in the stands to watch the remainder of the contest.

3. If the coach refuses to leave, the contest shall be terminated immediately and the contest is ruled a forfeit. This should be your last resort, but may be necessary.

4. Officials must fill out an Officials Report Form and forward it to the WIAA within 48 hours. As with the player ejection, you do not have to contact the involved schools. The WIAA will forward a copy of the report to the appropriate school personnel.

5. The appropriate school official will be asked to respond to the Officials Report Form by sending a written response to the WIAA, which shall include a summary of the action taken by the school against the coach. Coaches are NOT required to miss the next event for having been ejected from a contest. This rule applies only to players.

Fan Ejection
Officials should never become involved with crowd control/unsportsmanlike conduct concerns of spectators. If a problem occurs, the contest should be stopped. The officials should request that contest management resolve the problem before play is allowed to resume. If the host school does not have an administrator or contest manager, the coach must assume this responsibility. Crowd control problems must also be reported on the Officials Report Form within 48 hours.

Whenever an official submits an Officials Report Form to the WIAA, in return they will receive a blank report form and a copy of the initial letter sent to the school.